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What consoles are supported by Ultimate Battle?

What games can I play through Ultimate Battle?

  • Kindly visit our Games page to explore a full list of supported games and check back regularly as we are constantly adding more title to the list.

Can I have more than one account?

  • Players are only allowed to register one account with Ultimate Battle. Having more than one registered account on Ultimate Battle is violation of our Terms and Conditions. It leads to permanent account termination and forfeiting of wallet amount for that particular account (s).

Where can I get the latest information about Ultimate Battle tournaments?

  • To get detail information on tournaments, visit our Tournaments page. A full list of active and upcoming tournaments is available here. You may also Like our Facebook fan page or follow our Twitter page for more tournament information.

How do I report a win?

  • If you have completed and won your game with your opponent, click the button ‘Report Score‘. It opens a pop-up asking your match details. Fill-in the details, attach the screenshot of your score card and submit. Make sure you have evidence ready to prove your win. Submitting evidence helps resolving disputes.

How do I report a loss?

  • If you have completed and lost your game, click the button ‘Report Score’. It opens a pop-up asking your match details. Fill-in the details and submit.

How Do I Submit An Evidence?

  • If you have completed and won / lost your game, click the button ‘Report Score’. It opens a pop-up asking your match details. Fill-in the details and submit the screenshot of the score.

How Do I Deposit?

  • Login to Ultimate Battle using your credentials. Click the ‘Wallet‘ button on header of the website that appears after sign-in. On Wallet page, click ‘Add Money’ button to open up a new screen, and follow the process.

What happens if i miss my match CheckIn time ?

  • If you missed your match checkin time then you will not be able to play and will disqualify from the tournament.

What if my opponent doesn’t CheckIn ?

  • If your opponent didn’t CheckIn then wait until [Round time + 15 min ] i.e, if round time is 04:00 pm then you have to wait till 04:15 pm.
  • If your opponent doesn’t CheckIn even after 04:15 pm then you can report yourself as a winner by submitting the score like 1-0, 2-0 , 3-0 with the screenshot where it shows he’s yet to checkin.

How long does it take for my withdrawal to be processed?

  • It takes at least 3-4 working day to process your withdrawal request.

How To make withdraw request ?

  • Please note , you need to fill all your Bank details which is present in your edit profile section.
  • After filling up the details go to your “WALLET” , there must be a button of withdraw which you need to press and then fill the amount you want to withdraw.

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