Venue: Online

ID: 13171

Players: 1 / 32

Registration ends

Wed, 11 Dec 12:00 pm



Team size


Tournament starts

Wed, 11 Dec 3:00 pm

Follow the below steps to play in the tournament:

  • Players will be playing "Duo Mode" with their opponent in the bracket.
  • Check-in will start 10 min prior to the participant's round time.
  • After both players check-in, they'd be able to see the opponent's UID to add as a friend and go for "Duo Mode".
  • Both players can choose any location individually to land.
  • Go for the maximum points you can achieve as per mentioned in Game Rules.
  • Take Screenshot of your in-game kills and ranking to submit the score!

How it works?

How to connect to your opponent and play the match:

  1. Connect to your opp via website chat and exchange platform UID if not mentioned on the match-box.
  2. Send Friend Request to your Opponent.
  3. Join the party with your opp and set Game Mode: “Duos”
  4. Find a match.
  5. Try to score as many points you can according to the point system mentioned in game-rules.