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  • Participants

  • Prize Pool

  • Rules


Winner – 300 INR

Runner up – 200 INR


Tournament Rules


  • Check-in is compulsory for every participant in every round
  • In case a participant fails to check-in, he’ll be disqualified.
  • In case of a participant who has joined for their match but had not checked-in, the participant will not be ranked for their match.


  • Ranking will be done according to Point System unless mentioned otherwise.
  • For a BO3 Series, the sum of total points from 3 matches will be calculated and players will be ranked according to their accumulated points.

Point System:

Kill Points: 10 per Kill

Survival Points:

Rank Points
1 108
2 57
3 46
4 45
5 34
6 33
7 22
8 21
9 10
Below 9 0


  • Use of emulators and/or any other device(s) giving an unfair advantage to players is not allowed in the tournament. (Emulators are only allowed in emulator specific tournament)
  • Players found using hacks and/or mods will be disqualified from the tournament and/or players will be banned from the platform for a certain duration.
  • Teaming up with other players/squad in a tournament will lead to disqualification and/or players will be banned from the platform for a certain duration.

Technical Issue:

  • It is the player’s responsibility to check their device before starting their match.
  • Any disconnection issue(s) while being in the lobby or from the game will not be entertained unless the same issue(s) is/are faced by a major number of players.


  • Players are advised to check their exact Match time for their Pool on the day of the tournament.
  • SMS/Mail notification will be sent to players relaying their schedule, but it’s player’s responsibility to be updated with the timings of their specific Pool.
  • Issue(s) regarding schedule change will not be entertained.

How it works?



Register for your Ultimate Battle account


Choose your tournament

Pick the tournament you wish to participate in from the list


Join the tournament

Join the tournament by paying the applicable fee for joining.


Play and Report score

Play the game and report the score at the end of the match.


Winner Announcement and Prize Distribution

Once score is reviewed, winner is announced. Winning amount is credited to winner’s wallet.