Event Hosting

Event Hosting    

With Ultimate Battle, hosting and managing online gaming events is like a breeze. From creating events to selling tickets and collecting player registrations, we do it all for you. Just talk to us.

At Ultimate Battle, we work hard to make managing tournaments as fun as participating in them.

  1. List Your Tournament for  Registrations:

Want to list your tournament for collecting registrations?

You are at the right place.

With Ultimate Battle, you can do it for free.

No set up fee, No Listing Charges.


  1. Let us Conduct Your Sport. Relax

Want to conduct a full-fledged event but don’t know how?

Don’t bother. We will do it all. Relax

Ultimate Battle makes events easy to manage, more exciting and visible.

With our automated event management dashboard, we control everything.  we automate your registrations, process entry fee payments and simplify things like reporting scores and managing brackets as new scores arrive.

With Ultimate Battle event hosting, we manage the entire lifecycle of your event online.

User- friendly Dashboard:  

Our UB event management dashboard has an intuitive interface. It makes it extremely easy to make changes to your tournament, manage players and give participants access to the information they need.

Easy Tournament Set Up:  

With us UB event management dashboard, we create your tournament page, add information about the tournament and include your sponsors quickly.

Online Registration:

With UB’s innovative registration user interface, we’ll take registration of teams and individual players right from the dashboard.

Quick Tournament Scheduling:  

Automated system to pick tournament formats, generate match-ups and create event calendar for the entire tournament’s schedule.

Record and View Scores:

As tournaments and matches conclude, dashboard records scores to keep tournament participants and viewers informed.

Accept payments:  

UB has an inbuilt payment interface to collect entry fees. It’s a secured online payment method that ensures safe and encrypted funds transfer.