Gaming servers

At Ultimate Battle, we are committed to bringing your online gaming experience to the whole new level. We are a leading game server provider housing widest range of ranked and unranked game servers. With us, you can always play your favorite online games, using the latest high-end, enterprise-level, hardware from networks that offer the lowest possible latency.  You can start using your game server within ten minutes of buying it.

Next Gen Dedicated Game Servers

At Ultimate Battle, not only we have the most dynamic and powerful gaming servers, but also we are constantly improving our GUI interface and scripts to offer best hosting functionality to millions of gamers. Our hand-picked premium networks for hosting platform gives you the lowest pings, reliable connections and state of the art hardware for the ultimate gaming experience.

Our server admins customize and configure your server the way you want to give your Community or Clan more control over your game server experience.  UB game servers are the best choice for highly competitive games such as CSGO.

Following are some of the many reasons why our UB game servers are the best fit: –

Quick Installation and Setup

As soon you successfully place your order, our automated system will immediately deploy your Game or Voice Server.

TC Admin Control Panel

We leverage flexible design and powerful features of TC Admin to allow end users complete control over their servers.

Tailor Made for Gaming

Our high frequency processors allow the best gaming conditions. Our tailored configurations provide maximum comfort and minimal latency for your players.

Blazing Fast Servers

We host your game servers on professional, high-end dedicated servers in order to ensure the best stability and performance of your server.

24×7 Support

In order to keep servers running uninterrupted round the clock, our state of the art data centers are equipped with UPS battery’s and power generators with redundant network connectivity.

Low Ping Hosting

UB Game Servers are directly connected to major Internet Exchanges and Tier1 Transit Providers. Peering agreements with the largest ISP’s guarantee low latency.

Popular Gaming Servers:

  • COD
  • CS GO
  • Minecraft

Why UB Gaming Servers?

Being the #1 gaming server providers in India, we are in partnership with key games manufacturers. Whether you require servers at the time of a game’s launch or want free test servers in advance, you are at the right place.