How It Works?

Ultimate battle is one of the largest and independent eSports brand, leading the eSports industry across various games with numerous online competitions. The list of the games spans across high profile international and national leagues and tournaments such as DOTA 2, FIFA and CS GO.

How to Join a Tournament on Ultimate Battle

    • Register for an Ultimate Battle Account
    • Browse through the list of Tournaments and choose the Tournament you wish to participate.
    • Ultimate battle has three type of Tournaments to choose from.
      1. Free Tournaments – Held for Gamers who wish to experience the platform before they dive into the War Zone.
      2. Amateur Series – This series is dedicated to Gamers who wish to continuously play with the community on a much serious note and hone their gaming skills
      3. Pro Series – Designed for PRO’s , who believe that they are the best.
    • Payment Modes:
      1. Credit Debit Cards of all the banks
      2. Net Banking
      3. All Premium Mobile wallets
    • UB Coins:

UB Coins are a sort of credit that is given to the winners of Free Type Tournament. Players can use UB coins available in their wallet to play Amateur tournaments only.

How to Play a Tournament on Ultimate BAttle

    • Check-in for the tournament

Please note that Check-In window is open 15 minutes before every tournament. A grace period of only 15 minutes is provided to Check-In after the set match round time.

    • Join the Game Server

The information of the server to join will be available on the tournament page after the participants have done their Check-in. In case need help please contact the UB Support.

    • Play the Match

Now you’re ready to play your game. Do-follow the rules to ensure fair play.

    • Report score:

Visit the Tournament page as soon match ends to “Submit Score” and mark the win. Winner (s) is required to upload their winning Screenshot of the Game when submitting the score. In case of any help, do contact the UB support.

Challenge a Player

Play | Report Score| Win

This is how you can challenge other players

  • Visit the Challenge lobby
  • Select a game and opponent from the game with whom you would like to contest
  • Send the challenge request to the opponent with money and game settings
  • Opponent may accept or decline your request
  • If opponent accepts the challenge, an equal amount is deducted from the wallet of both the players (+ 10% of the total amount in bet as platform fee).(Ex: If a challenge is taken for 500 INR, a sum of 550 INR deducts from the wallet of each of the players)
  • As match concludes, winner reports the score with a valid screenshot
  • After verifying the credentials and scores, winner is announced
  • The winning amount is credited in winner’s wallet

How Does a UB Wallet Work?

Like any other mobile wallet, UB wallet provides safe and con convenient way to make in-store payments. They can be used for playing matches and buying merchandise at UB shop.

UB Wallet stores the following:

  • Cash: The money you can use to play games and make other in-app payments. Cash is the amount that you recharge your wallet with or the amount you win while playing the tournaments.
  • UB Coins: Those are the reward points that you win while winning a free game. You may redeem UB coins to play paid tournaments.
  • Tournament Credits: Those are the credits that you purchase with your subscription plan. To know more about subscription plans, please visit link.

Wallet Recharge:

You can recharge your wallet anytime using NEFT, PayPal and Credit as well as Debit cards.

Withdraw Money:

Winning amount is credited to your UB wallet as soon you are declared the winner. You can withdraw the amount after completing the withdrawl process.

What is player rating?

Player Rating is a system that evaluates players on the basis of the matches they win/lose in tournaments/ challenges. A player earns Rating points for every match where he defeats his closest rival. Like other competitive online multiplayer titles, UB boasts of its very own Rating system that puts players into specified competitive tiers. Ranting points are displayed on each player’s profile, showing everyone the highest competitive level that a player has earned.

How Rating works:

  • The ratings gained or lost are depends on the rating of your Opponent
  • Winning a match against a rival with higher ratings than you, you will get more points. Likewise, losing to a player with lower ratings will deduct more points from your point tally.

Skill Badges

Skill badges are given to the players as per the Rating Points earned and ratings achieved through matches played in Tournaments/Challenges.


Player’s Point will decide his Ranking on the platform for a particular game. While creating the leaderboards for a given game or a platform, we considered the variations in skills and gameplay required for playing a single game on various platforms.