Call of Duty Mobile MOBILE AMATEUR series


ID: 19487

Clans: 1/8

Registration ends

Tue, 11 Aug 4:30 pm



Team size

4 v 4

Tournament starts

Tue, 11 Aug 5:00 pm

Match Settings

Minimum Participants: 2

Elimination: Single

Map: Kill House

Game Mode: 1v1 Duel Mode

Winning Prize

1280 Max Prize Pool
320 Current Prize Pool

Prize will increase with each participation. Prize will be distributed after finale round end time.

Rank Prize Distribution( on 8 participants ) Minimum Prize Distribution
1 720 320
2 560 -

Challenge Lobby

Play one-to-one matches
against players for real money

5 Online Gamers

How it works?


Check-In for your Match

Check-In button is available in MATCH AREA on the Tournament Page at your Match Round Time.


Add Friend and Create Room

After your Opponent has also Checked-In, Add each other as Friends in Game then Invite to your Game Room.


Play and Report Score

After Match is over, take a screenshot of the match score and report your scorecard.


Winner Prize Distribution

Once the Finale is over, Winning Amount is credited to Winner’s Wallet.