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DOTA 2 5v5 Tournament March 2018

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Registration: 250 / UB Coins 1250
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    Wed, 28 Mar 10:00 am

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    Wed, 28 Mar 02:00 pm

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Team Size

5 V 5





Match type

Knockout (KO)

DOTA 2 5v5 Tournament March 2018

Follow the instructions given in How to play and How it works section to know about the tournament process. To join this tournament, participant team leader needs to create a clan and the clan should have a minimum of 5 members.

  • Overview
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  • Rules
  • How to play
  • Follow the instructions given in How to play and How it works section to know about the tournament process.
Check-IN is an essential part of participation and is compulsory for every participant. Check the Brackets and contact the admins before the tournament starts to get updated on your match timings.

Important Points

  1. Get in Contact of Online Support Staff in case of any issues of Match Timing and Score reporting.
  2. No Rescheduling is Allowed in this Tournament.
  3. Report the score with valid screenshots to claim your win.
  4. Wait for your first match to show up. Regularly Check Brackets for Time Slots.
Prize pool may vary depending on the number of participants  

Schedules to be announced.

Bracket Schedule Bracket Winners Videos


Game Name and Password : Will be provided before the match time

Game Mode : Captains Mode

Server Location : SINGAPORE

Spectators : Enabled

DOTA 2 TV Delay : 2 Minutes

Enable Cheats : Off

Fill Empty Slots with Bots : Off


  • This is 5 vs 5 online Tournament of DOTA 2 which can only be played through STEAM.
  • There will be a TOSS in Game Lobby, the Winner Team will choose Side or Picking Phase. (If the winner of Toss chooses side(Radiant/Dire), then the opponent will choose First or Second Picking Phase).
  • A game is finished when the enemy Ancient is destroyed. Note: Even after forfeiture with “GG” or “FF”. Always wait for the ancient to be destroyed!
  • Clan Owners / Team Captains are strictly advised to Check-IN 15 Minutes before Match Timings. They will get only 15 Minutes Grace period in case of delay. Failing to check-IN in given time will result to automatic loss. (Check in button is available at the respective tournament page & Clan Owner can also find Check-IN option through My Battles > Tournaments)
  • Any kind of rescheduling of matches is not allowed in this Tournament.
  • Every match until Finals will be single elimination. Finals will be Best of 3(Bo3).


  • Teams may request a pause via chat, Three (3) Pauses up-to 5 minutes are allowed per participating team per game but the game can not be paused for more than 10 Minutes. In case of disconnection or lag for more than given time period, Teams need to continue the match.
  • Player(s)  disconnected from the match have to rejoin the game in the remaining pause time and if one fails in doing so, the game will be resumed without waiting.
  • In case of Whole Team Disconnect, the game will be paused for a maximum of 15 minutes(required any member of the Team reaches out to UB staff/Tournament Moderator(s) in 5-10 minutes of disconnect). Failing to do so, the disconnected team will be disqualified and the other team will get a Bye after 10 minutes of disconnect.

Teams are advised to check their systems and network connectivity before their match to ensure smooth transition in the tournament. In-Match issues will not be entertained above the set time limit.


  • Any sign of cheating may result in a Forfeit of the Match/Disqualification from the Tournament and/or Permanent Ban from the Tournament and ULTIMATE BATTLE website. Any form of glitching, abusing in-game mechanics or unsportsmanlike behavior may result in a forfeit of the Match and/or Ban from Ultimate Battle. Punishable unsportsmanlike behavior includes use of foul or degrading (abusive) language. In addition, breaking any rule may result in a forfeit of a Round/Match, In-Game penalties or Ban from Ultimate Battle Tournaments.
  • For help with In-Game issues, please contact the Online Tournament Support Staff section. In the event of a dispute between two teams, the Admin running the competition will review both parties explanations and decision of the Admin will be final. No further issues will be entertained after the decision has been made.


  • Once the match is completed, WINNER Team Captain has to submit Screen Shot(in Report Score option) of the Final Score in order to qualify for Next Round/Bracket.
  • In case of one team being absent, the other team will get an automatic bye.


  • Prizes will be Distributed to Final Winner & Runner Up withing 24 hrs of Final competition.

NOTE : Please Read all Rules and IN-Game related information carefully before Participating in the TournamentsRegistering in this Tournament states that participants have agreed to all the Terms & Conditions.


Every Participant or participant Team Leader is required to Check-IN to play the tournament match. We provide 15 min relaxation time to the check-in process; i.e. Check-IN will start 15 minute before the round start time and will last till 15 minutes after the round start time (If a Round start time is 3pm , Check-IN can be done from 2:45 pm to 3:15 pm) If a Participant/Team Leader is unable to check-in within the time limit, it'd automatically be counted as a forfeiture of their match.

5v5 Clan Tournaments:

  • Only Clans can participate in a Team Tournaments (ex. Dota 2 Clan Tournaments/CS:Go Clan Tournaments).
  • For Clan/Team Tournaments, Clan Leader need to Create a CLAN (compulsory) on our website.
  • Clans must Consist a minimum of 5 Members including the Owner of Clan to participate in the Tournament(Clan Owner will be considered as Captain of his Team and he is responsible for all management of their Team and Check-In process before every match)
  • Registration fee can only be Paid by Clan owner on behalf of whole Clan. The Clan owner will Get Prize in his ULTIMATE BATTLE's Wallet which they can further distribute to other Clan members (depends upon mutual understanding of Team).

Score Reporting:

Case 1: Both participants/teams Present

Winner of the Match needs to submit the score via Report Score button on the Tournament page. Winner Participant/Team Leader needs to Report the score under 10 Minutes after completion of Match to claim their Win. If a participant selects himself as a winner, he/she will need to submit the screenshot(Console match screen) of the their match score. Whereas screenshot is not compulsory if you select yourself as a looser.

Case 2 : Opponent is Absent

If your opponent is absent or doesn't check in within the given time limit, then you will get an automatic BYE.

Case 3: Both Absent

In this situation it's under the Tournament Admin's discretion.

Case 4: In Case of Any Dispute (Wrong reporting/submission)

In this situation, Participant(s) need to Contact with ULTIMATE BATTLE's Tournament Moderator(s) after completion of their match through Website Chat Support or through calling on contact no. mentioned on the Website (0120 6790 401).