ID: 15870

Players: 6/32

Registration ends

Sun, 28 Jun 4:55 pm



Team size

1 v 1

Tournament starts

Sun, 28 Jun 5:00 pm

Open Qualifiers

 TIDTitleTypePlatformStart TimeParticipantsReg. Fee 
pro17878BATTLE CUP - Qualifier #71 v 1STEAMtoday, 5:00 PM 1/8 FreeJoin
 TIDTitleTypePlatformStart TimeParticipantsReg. Fee 
pro15872BATTLE CUP - Qualifier #11 v 1STEAM23rd Apr, 5:00 PM 8/8 FreeCompleted
pro15930BATTLE CUP - Qualifier #21 v 1STEAM25th Apr, 5:00 PM 7/8 FreeCompleted
pro16032BATTLE CUP - Qualifier #31 v 1STEAM27th Apr, 5:00 PM 7/8 FreeCompleted
pro16215BATTLE CUP - Qualifier #31 v 1STEAM1st May, 5:00 PM 8/8 FreeCompleted
pro16592BATTLE CUP - Qualifier #41 v 1STEAM12th May, 5:00 PM 8/8 FreeCompleted
pro17238BATTLE CUP - Qualifier #51 v 1STEAM14th May, 5:00 PM 6/8 FreeCompleted
pro17362BATTLE CUP - Qualifier #61 v 1STEAM28th May, 5:00 PM 6/8 FreeCompleted

Winning Prize

5000 Max Prize Pool

Prize will be distributed after finale round end time.

Winner Runner-up

Match Settings

Minimum Participants: 32

Elimination: Single

Game Mode: Solo Mid 1v1

Hero: ShadowFiend

Challenge Lobby

Play one-to-one matches
against players for real money

How it works?


Check-In for your Match

Check-In button is available in MATCH AREA on the Tournament Page at your Match Round Time.


Create Game Lobby to Play

After your Opponent has also Checked-In, create Custom Lobby in DOTA2 and provide Lobby Name and Password to your opponent via Chat or call available in Match Area.


Play and Report Score

Play your match after joining the Lobby. Submit scores with the screenshot of the scoreboard after the match ends.


Winner Prize Distribution

Once the Finale is over, the Winning Amount is credited to Winner’s Wallet.