FIFA 18 Tournament Online PS4 (BO3) 25 January 2017 ps4

fifa 18 tournament india
  • Tournament Date 25 JAN 2018
  • Prize Money 1500

    May Vary according to the no. of participants.

 Current Time: 18 Jan, 01:45 AM
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  • Rules

  • How to play

Here are the important steps:

  • Follow the instructions given in (How to Play) & (How it works) sections to know about how to CHECK - IN [compulsory] process.
  • Get in Contact of Online Support Staff in case of any Issues of Match Timing and Score posting.
  • Get in contact with Admins and your opponent and play the match.
  • No Rescheduling is Allowed in this Tournament.
  • Report the score with valid screenshots to claim your win.
  • Wait for your first match to show up. Regularly Check Brackets for Time Slots.

Prize Distribution:

  • WINNER - 1000 INR 
  • Runner Up - 500 INR 


Game Settings

In case of draw a rematch will be played.

Game Type : Online

Half Length :  5 minutes

Difficulty Level : World Class

Referee: Random

Time Of Day :  Day/On mutual understanding

Game Speed :  Normal

Ball : Default

Teams/Squad : Online Squads Only

Match Type : Best of 3 (BO3)

Controller Setting

Players are responsible for ensuring that their controller configuration is correct at all times.


Players can use only club or national team.

Players cannot use any custom made teams (e.g. Classic XI).

Players can only use formations which are already available in the game.

Match Delay

Matches must be played in their entirety unless both players agree to delay the match. The match must still be completed before the start time & date of the next tournament round, as listed under the Tournament Schedule.

Failure to complete a match before the start time & date of the next tournament round may result in one or both players forfeiting the match.

Etiquette And Forbidden Moves

Players wishing to make substitutions or change controller setting must wait until the ball is out of play before making any changes.

Players must not pause the game when the ball is in play , otherwise it may be disqualify.

Players are not permitted to take control of the goalkeeper in order to make the AI take control of the defense.

Utilization of game play aspects widely regarded as providing an unfair advantage or bad sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Any player found to be using these or unsporting behaviour ,will be terminated from the tournament.


  • If the connection fails for either player or the match is draw at that point then the match should be restarted, continuing on from the score at which the game disconnected. The time to be played after the disconnection takes place is as follows
Time Played Time to be Played
0 – 5 minutes Full Match
6 – 10 minutes 85 minutes
11 – 15 minutes 80 minutes
16 – 20 minutes 75 minutes
21 – 25 minutes 70 minutes
26 – 30 minutes 65 minutes
31 – 35 minutes 60 minutes
36 – 40 minutes 55 minutes
41 – 45 minutes 50 minutes
46 – 50 minutes Full Half
51 – 55 minutes 40 minutes
56 – 60 minutes 35 minutes
61 – 65 minutes 30 minutes
66 – 70 minutes 25 minutes
71 – 75 minutes 20 minutes
76 – 80 minutes 15 minutes
81 – 85 minutes 10 minutes
86 – 90 minutes 7 minutes

The time played after this point will not be taken into consideration.

  • If the connection get lost from the player who is losing the match at that stage of the game , the other player will be awarded as a winner.
  • If the connection get lost from the player who is winning at that time , then the match needs to be restarted for the remaining minutes to be played as mentioned above.


Every Participant or participant Team Leader is required to Check-IN to play the tournament match. We provide 15 min relaxation time to the check-in process; i.e. Check-IN will start 15 minute before the round start time and will last till 15 minutes after the round start time (If a Round start time is 3pm , Check-IN can be done from 2:45 pm to 3:15 pm) If a Participant/Team Leader is unable to check-in within the time limit, it'd automatically be counted as a forfeiture of their match.

5v5 Clan Tournaments:

  • Only Clans can participate in a Team Tournaments (ex. Dota 2 Clan Tournaments/CS:Go Clan Tournaments).
  • For Clan/Team Tournaments, Clan Leader need to Create a CLAN (compulsory) on our website.
  • Clans must Consist a minimum of 5 Members including the Owner of Clan to participate in the Tournament(Clan Owner will be considered as Captain of his Team and he is responsible for all management of their Team and Check-In process before every match)
  • Registration fee can only be Paid by Clan owner on behalf of whole Clan. The Clan owner will Get Prize in his ULTIMATE BATTLE's Wallet which they can further distribute to other Clan members (depends upon mutual understanding of Team).

Score Reporting:

Case 1: Both participants/teams Present Winner of the Match needs to submit the score via Report Score button on the Tournament page. Winner Participant/Team Leader needs to Report the score under 10 Minutes after completion of Match to claim their Win. If a participant selects himself as a winner, he/she will need to submit the screenshot(Console match screen) of the their match score. Whereas screenshot is not compulsory if you select yourself as a looser. Case 2 : Opponent is Absent If your opponent is absent or doesn't check in within the given time limit, then you will get an automatic BYE. Case 3: Both Absent In this situation it's under the Tournament Admin's discretion. Case 4: In Case of Any Dispute (Wrong reporting/submission) In this situation, Participant(s) need to Contact with ULTIMATE BATTLE's Tournament Moderator(s) after completion of their match through Website Chat Support or through calling on contact no. mentioned on the Website (0120 6790 401).  


Tournament details

  • Game Type:Online Friendlies
  • Tournament Type:Fixed Bracket
  • Match Type:knockout (KO)
  • Bracket Size: 16
  • Team Size: 1
  • Half Length: 5 Minutes
  • Tournament Venue: Online
  • Check in time: 04:45 PM
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