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    Sven Thomas
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    Shreasth Gupta
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Round - 1Round - 2Round - 3Round - 4Round - 5
StartThu, 06 Jun, 03:00 pmThu, 06 Jun, 03:40 pmThu, 06 Jun, 04:20 pmFri, 07 Jun, 05:00 pmFri, 07 Jun, 05:35 pm
EndThu, 06 Jun, 03:35 pmThu, 06 Jun, 04:15 pmThu, 06 Jun, 04:45 pmFri, 07 Jun, 05:30 pmFri, 07 Jun, 06:00 pm


#1 WINNER: 500 UB Coins

#2 RUNNER-UP: 250 UB Coins

How to play

  • Check-in for your event which starts 15 min prior to the player’s specific Round time
  • Get in touch with your opponent via Website chat
  • Add your opp gaming UID in game
  • Join together with your opponent in the game
  • Set match mode as Duo Mode
  • Play the match
  • Report score with a valid screenshot of game stats


In game Rules

  • Players can individually land anywhere on the map
  • Players are not allowed to revive their opponent player
  • A player who dies earlier has a choice to report their stats to their opp via in-game chat
  • Players can use any tactics to make their opp die in the game which includes but is not limited to destroying their buildings, using impulse grenades, etc.


Winning Points

  • The player with higher number of kills will be the winner of the round
  • #1 Battle Royale winner has priority over the number of kills

Point System:

Kill Points: 10 per Kill

Survival Points:

Rank Points
1 101
2 50
3 40
4 30
5 30
6 20
7 20
8 10
9 and Below 0

Tournament Rules

  • Participants have to add their correct in-game UIDs when participating in the event.
  • Participants will not be allowed to change their in-game UID after 1st Round of the event
  • Participants whose Platform ID is missing must add their in-game UID via User Dashboard before the commencement of the event.
  • Participants can not share their ID with other users
  • Participants have to report score with a valid screenshot for every round of their game.


Technical Issue

  • Any game past [Alive players: 50] will be counted as processed and disconnected player’s points will be counted to when he dc’ed.
  • Only 1 disconnection in above criteria is allowed.
  • It is player’s responsibility to check their system before starting their match.



  • Players are advised to check their exact Round time 1 day prior to the event
  • SMS/Mail notification will be sent to players relaying their schedule, but it’s player’s responsibility to be updated with the timings of their specific rounds
  • In case of any issue(s), the match will be not rescheduled unless it’s the Finals Match.


Check-in and Bye Rules

  • Check-in is compulsory for every participant in every round
  • In case a participant fails to check-in, he’ll be dq’ed and their opp will get an automatic bye to next round
  • In case both participants failed to check-in for their Round, recently active player will be given a bye to next Round.
  • Players can still play the match in further Rounds if they had been given a bye due to above stated criteria

How it works?



Register for your Ultimate Battle account


Choose your tournament

Pick the tournament you wish to participate in from the list


Join the tournament

Join the tournament by paying the applicable fee for joining.


Play and Report score

Play the game and report the score at the end of the match.


Winner Announcement and Prize Distribution

Once score is reviewed, winner is announced. Winning amount is credited to winner’s wallet.