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Venue: Online

ID: 13480

Players: 1 / 4

Registration ends

Fri, 20 Dec 6:02 pm



Team size

Tournament starts

Fri, 20 Dec 6:10 pm
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How it works?

  1. Option to “ checkin “ will be generally available at the match area 15 mins prior to the commencement of the tournament.
  2. Tap/ click on the checkin button.
  3. Connect to your opp via website chat and exchange platform UID if not mentioned in the match area.
  4. Send friend request to your opponent on Console.
  5. Challenge your opponent for a match with game mode: “Online Friendlies/FUT Friendlies”
  6. Play the match according to the set game rules
  7. Submit screenshot with game scores via “Report Score” option.