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A Challenge is a Match that is setup between two gamers where they decide to play against each other for Free and Real Money.

How Challenge works in the Game Lobby?

  • 1

    Find Your Opponent

    Find opponents from the challenge lobby housing top eSporting talents.

    1. Post your Challenge Preferences and wait for other online players to connect with you.
    2. You can also browse through the list of Challenges already posted by Online Players and decide who do you wish to throw a challenge at.
    3. You can either check your opponent's user Profile or chat him directly to have a well-informed decision
  • 2

    Challenge The Opponent

    Throw a challenge to opponent. If challenge accepted, go along.

    1. Throw a challenge to an opponent with your preferred game setting and wait for him to accept
    2. OR
    3. Accept a challenge that is thrown at you.
    4. Once a challenge is accepted by both the players, challenge money is deducted from their respective wallets.
  • 3

    Play and Win

    Play hard. Show off your gaming talent. Bag the total challenge price.

    1. Show your gaming skills. Play the game with enthusiasm. Put your best strategies in place. Win and Take home the price money