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Fair Play

Fair Play Guarantee

At Ultimate Battle, you simply can’t go by cheating the system and downplaying the gamers’ ethics. Our fair play guarantee stops you from disrupting the game and taking a short cut to success.

Ultimate Battle is an e-sport platform that attaches maximum importance to fairness and safety while gaming. Following are the measures including advanced technology, special partnerships and community features we take into the account to ensure the highest possible possible fairness and security.

Dedicated Support:

Our 24×7 dedicated customer support complements our fair play commitment. A team of support helps keep Ultimate Battle safe, secure and easy to use. To get help and quick resolution of your queries, log in to your Ultimate Battle account and Ping us using chat system at “Ultimate Battle Support”. We’ve at your side, 24×7.

Conflict Resolution:

We know how complex online gaming communities are, where conflicts are inevitable. Our expert team delicately monitors site activity and acts on any claims of cheating or bad conduct very seriously. Investigations that expose poor gamesmanship can result in a number of outcomes including loss of member reputation or even a lifetime ban from Ultimate Battle.

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