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Following are the elements of our website (not limited to) are protected by Intellectual Property law:

Technical innovations related to e-commerce systems, search engines or other technical Internet tools may be protected by patents or utility models.


Software, including the text-based HTML code used in websites, can be protected by copyright, trade secrets and, if having a technical character, by patent as well.


Our website design is protected by copyright laws and elements such as computer-generated graphic symbols, screen displays and graphic user interfaces (GUIs) are protected by Intellectual Property laws.


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Computer-generated graphic symbols, screen displays, graphic user interfaces (GUIs) and even webpages are protected by industrial design law.

Hidden aspects of (such as confidential graphics, source code, object code, algorithms, programs or other technical descriptions, data flow charts, logic flow charts, user manuals, data structures, and database contents) are protected by trade secret laws.